50 pc. CM Orange/ Chartreuse Body Pack
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Panfish Brown 9 pc. Pack
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"Bison" 15 pc. CM Body Pack
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Trout Magnest For Steelhead
By Dylan D. - Blairsville, PA
My friend Joe and I took a trip to Erie’s Walnut and Elk creek on December 2 this year. It was our first time ever up there for steelhead and I didn’t know what all to take so I packed a lot of gear including my Trout Magnets that I carry during trout season. We stopped at the local fiel ...


Catching Crappie on Cave Run Lake
By Kris Mann
Take a few minutes to join our Pro-Staff member Kris Mann as he joins Tim Farmer, from Kentucky Afield's Television Show, as they catch crappie after crappie using Crappie Magnets in July on Cave Run Lake. 

A Tournament Perspective
By Kris Mann - Crappie Magnet Pro Staff
Competition has always been in my blood.  Whether I am playing tic-tac-toe, Scrabble, basketball or baseball, I have always strived to be the best at that given competition.  Fishing is no exception.  Nothing is more enjoyable to me than going into the wilds and pitting my fishin ...

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